Gagnova Tips

How to be a better gagnovager

At gagnova, we encourage fun and constructive contents. Consider these manners when sharing with us will help ensure you’re contributing great content and the awesomeness of our community going!

Have Some Fun!

gagnova is the biggest worldwide community for you to explore interesting and awesome content of different interests/topics. Help us nurture the community by sharing contents that are fun, opens up constructive discussions, or something new and unique.
If you want to share your boyfriend’s sunglasses or whine about not having girlfriends, gagnova isn’t for you.

Be constructive. We celebrate positivity.

Give upvotes to the contents and content creators you like. Even if you don’t enjoy it, then consider just scroll to next post or checking out other posts?—?life is short, why waste time on things you don’t like?
When making comments, be constructive and ask yourself “Would I say it to the person’s face?”

Respect originality and creativity

We love original content. Look for the original source if you’re reposting someone else’s content. Post a link to the creator who deserves the credit.

Nurture our community

Browse the Fresh pages (including Sections) and vote on them so that great contents got to be shared to more people. Regard it, perhaps, as a public service.

Stay on topic

Place your content in the right sections.

Make best use of our platform

Upload the content directly to gagnova (instead of emailing us your content) is always the quickest way to get your content shared to our community.

Use proper grammar and spelling

Intelligent discourse requires a standard system of communication. Double check your post titles and comments. Don’t give grammar nazis a chance.

Give us constructive feedback

Report bugs of the app/website to help us be better. Give suggestions on features and sections you want.

Report spams & abuse

Everyone hates spam and abuse. Report to us if you find posts, comments or users that violates the gagnova rules.

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