Gagnova.com is a database of all forms and types of visuals which are gaining an internet presence. It is a timeline of various memes, pictures, and other such visuals which the modern Internet user seeks. It caters to the entertainment and social media section of the Internet, providing one stop access to various categories of multi media that are commonly used on various social media forums.

They have segregated the various visuals into categories such as Anime, Dark humour, Funny, Gif, NSFW, and WTF. This allows users to directly access funny pictures if that’s what they’re looking for, or see the most shocking or baffling visual images in the WTF section. One can access the latest Gifs or check out what the Internet has to offer in terms of dark humour, simply by clicking on the relevant tab.

They also have various photos uploaded on their website that are simply beautiful images of scenery or catch a unique perspective of a person in some part of the world. Apart from gifs, as far as non-stationary images are concerned they also have various viral videos on their database for patrons to browse through. Their ‘Hot’ and ‘Trending’ sections make it easy to explore the images that have taken over the Internet, irrespective of the sub category they fall into. To understand better the kind of content Gagnova.com has to offer, log on to https://www.gagnova.com/

About Gagnova.com

Gagnova.com is a website which caters largely to the youth of the digital age that want to stay abreast with the images, including but not limited to, gifs, memes, funny pictures, and viral videos, that are currently occupying the digital space. It is also a perfect platform for those that aren’t particularly familiar with the image trends that govern social media, to become familiarised with them.

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